Pastor Timothy E. Findley, Jr. was born in Louisville, KY on July 24th, 1979 to Tim Sr. and Rev. Tina H. Findley.  The call and mandate of God was evident in his life early on as evidenced in his numerous roles in leadership and ministry. Eventually, Pastor Findley became a student at Boyce Bible College and majored in Pastoral Leadership and Expository Preaching. While in seminary and after many years of preparation and processng Pastor Findley obediently fulfilled his call as Pastor and Founder of Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center in March 2008.


Under Pastor Findley's annointed leadership, Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center has been noted as one of Louisville's fastest growing churches.  He has built over forty in house ministries focusing on effective outreach and evangelism, God-centered creativity and high-impact worship.  Through the powerful preaching and teaching of sound doctrine, through effective administration and development of leaders, and by remaining compassionate and accessible to his flock, GOD has blessed Pastor Findley and his congregation to experience explosive growth and continued expansion.


As a result of this tremendous vision, Pastor Findley has led his congregation to a new facility on nearly 10 acres of land.  He has also expanded the ministry within the city of Louisville, KY by establishing a second location, Kingdom Fellowship West; and in the city of Lexington, KY as the Overseer of Kingdom Fellowship Lexington. In April 2013, Pastor Findley also became Overseer of Kingdom Fellowship Living Word Ministries in Georgetown, KY.

While thriving in ministry, Pastor Findley is also flourishing in many community based and entrepreneurial endeavors.  He is the CEO of Life Development Corporation and founder of FJ Enterprises and Kingdom Kleaning Services, LLC. Through his ministry and organizations, Pastor Findley has established and implemented various community programs including Every Little Bit Helps Outreach, holiday and toy drives, and free summer lunch programs.


He also began hosting WLOU's Power 1350, his own interactive radio broadcast, "The Breakdown with Pastor Tim".  In February 2011, Pastor Findley founded and established the 1Body Fellowship. Through the 1Body Fellowship, Pastor Findley shares and collaborates with fellow pastors,  community leaders, churches and organizations throughout the city to spread the message of Jesus Christ in clarity, integrity, relevance and excellence.


Some of Pastor Findley's most exciting accomplishments to date have been joining the Bank of Louisville's Executive Advisory committee, as well as appointment to the Executive Boards for Kentucky Jobs for Justice and Teen Challenge of KY. In partnership and support of spiritual and natural empowerment for all, Pastor Findley has joined the Mayor, Metro Louisville officials, community organizations and social action groups to facilitate positive change through spiritual, social, educational and economic initiatives.


With a practical, yet insightful and charismatic preaching style, Pastor Findley has dedicated himself to spreading the good news that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is a highly sought after speaker who is called upon to empower and encourage people everywhere to absolutely surrender to, completely live for, and thoroughly be used by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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